12 Weeks Of Christmas | Week 9: Ovenly’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Continuing with the vegan theme this week, here’s a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe! I know what you’re thinking- almond butter/flax eggs/vegan butter…but really, this is as sparse and accessible as the vegan Amazon Chocolate Cake.


I did a search for vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes, and found one for Ovenly’s vegan chocolate chipper on the Vogue website. (It’s true what they say, Vogue is way more than just fashion. Vogue is haute food history, stop-motion animated detox recipes, and mille-feuille cartoons.)

I’d heard of the Brooklyn bakery Ovenly– read about it on Food52 and other websites, but never really bothered to learn more about the place and stalk it on social media, like I did with Momofuku Milk Bar and Levain. But after this recipe, I am an Instagram follower and near-obsessor. Seriously, these cookies ate that good. My husband doesn’t even like chocolate chippers all that much, and he ate six in one sitting!

These cookies are lovely and chewy, crisp around the edges, and pretty perfect overall…they just happen to be vegan, too. So whether it’s a vegan dinner guest, a pure-vegetarian grandmom who doesn’t eat eggs in any form, or a friend’s child with a dairy & egg allergy, these cookies are your go-to. Even otherwise, they can be your go-to, because you really can’t tell they’re vegan!

The ingredients are pretty basic- just flour, white and brown sugars, chocolate chips (naturally,) and a combination of canola oil and water. The key is to refrigerate the dough for 12 hours minimum, and this you cannot compromise on. Sure, it takes a while longer, but it’s worth it. Not just for the vegan factor, but the taste factor as well! And the sprinkling of sea salt over the top just takes the whole thing up a notch.


I followed the recipe down to the wire, without making any changes, which is what the founders of the bakery advised on Refinery29. Just stick to their rules, and trust me- you will end up with one of the nicest chocolate chip cookies you’ve sampled. These are so good, I may never go back to the eggy version again!

The original recipe can be found here.