Chicken And Pomegrenate Salad With Feta Cheese


I recently joined the Mumbai Food Bloggers group on Facebook. There are so many great bloggers there, a few of whom were my inspiration to start blogging. I asked one of the administrators, Mumbai’s noted gastronome, Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal of A Perfect Bite  if I could join, and she added me! I’m pretty excited about being part of the group, since I’ve been following the work of many members- Shaheen Peerbhai, Kalyan Karmakar, Jyotika Purwar, Harini Prakash, Poonam Joshi and Nikhil Merchant.

Anyways, the Nonchalant Gourmand Nikhil suggested we have a little online potluck and post pictures of what we ate for lunch on Sunday.

So, being an enthu-cutlet, at 930am on Sunday morning, I dragged my husband out of bed, bundled my son into a hooded onesie, and set out to buy groceries. Powai has the nearest Nature’s Basket, so after buying some bread from Breadtalk, we went and picked up some veggies and other groceries from NB which is just next door. My husband and I had a pretty heavy breakfast, so we decided on a light lunch.

I picked up some feta cheese and chicken breast. I wanted fresh basil but sadly, it was out of stock!

I got home and steamed the chicken with some salt and pepper. Then I made a simple dressing with lime juice, olive oil, a pinch of sugar and a dash of balsamic vinegar. After that was done I tossed the chicken bits, feta cubes and dressing together with a handful of chopped walnuts and pomegrenate. Iadded the pomegrenate in the end because I didn’t want it to bleed, but surprisingly it didn’t! The only downer was that I didn’t have fresh basil so I had to use dried.

Le Salad

Chicken Breast