Eating Out In Spain

My husband and I went to Spain over a year ago and had some wonderful food. I never got around to putting any of those pictures up since I didn’t have a blog; but now I do, so I thought might as well.

We visited Granada because I insisted on seeing the Alhambra (which is beautiful,) and we also spent a few days in Barcelona (and if you are ever going to Spain, please save Barca for the end, because you’ll never feel like leaving.)

Olive trees- on the way to Granada

Granada: Olives stuffed with chicken liver pate

Granada: Foie gras. The first time I tried it

  We only spent 2 days in Granada and didn’t eat anything else which was extraordinary… though we did have some excellent coffee and pastries from a cafe near our hotel. Unfortunately, no pictures, but the pastries were very good indeed.  The next picture is not me trying to be sadistic- I just liked the geese because they were so happy and oblivious to all of us tourists. And no, none of them were sacrificed for the above foie gras.

Geese in Barcelona

Barcelona: Bakery display


Prawns: Pink and sweet


Seafood paella

A closer look

And saving the best for last… Dessert!

Creme Brulee