Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies

giant chocolate chip cookie

So I have always wondered whether regular whole-wheat chappati flour or atta could be used for baking. I used atta to make crackers earlier, and they turned out great; but then, crackers are meant to be a little hard and dry. Could atta be used for sweeter baked goods? I tried this jaggery and sesame cake once, and came across a video for atta and yogurt cake, which shows a soft, fluffy cake.

But cookies? I was still not convinced.

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A Trial With Tuile & Chocolate Chips

So this was an experiment. And it was ok. I’m going to be honest. These aren’t the best looking cookies (I think they look rather alien and amoeba-like, and since I used only one chocolate chip per cookie, it also exudes a one-eyed monster vibe.)


I’ve praised Michael Rulhman’s Ratio before, and make all my shortbread cookies using his recipe.

The section of his book dedicated to cookie dough offers up a variation of the 1-2-3 cookie. You add some egg whites and bake to get a light, crispy, golden yellow cookie, the tuile.

I thought I’d borrow a little from the tuile recipe and make a chocolate chip version. Ruhlman’s recipe calls for equal parts egg whites, sugar, flour and butter, but I used more flour. I added some baking powder too, to give it a more cakey effect. Real tuiles need deft handling to get them thin, crispy and in the right shape, and I didn’t have the patience to try; so I went with softer cake-like cookies.

But as far as experiments go, it wasn’t so bad. Completely edible and enjoyable, though not knock-your-socks-off fantastic. These reminded me of ladyfinger biscuits, so they’re not all that bad. Except ladyfingers don’t look like alieneyes.

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Gooey Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies | Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

The chocolate chip cookie. It may be the plain Jane, the everyday cookie, the cookie which even has the capacity to elicit a yawn in the age of boutique cupcakeries, dessert bars and bespoke macaron makers.

But a good, warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie…can really do no wrong. Even the most persnickety of dessert snobs will agree that a well-made chocolate chipper hits all the right spots. It may not have the exotic charm of an ispahan macaron or require deft skills, but it is a dessert to be loved and revered just as ardently.

I think that is what makes the chocolate chip cookie so appealing to me- there are no hard and fast rules; you can play around with flavours and ingredients and still call it a chocolate chip cookie.

Deep dish chocolate chip cookies

♥ The chocolate chip cookie is not going to kick up a fuss because the air is too humid (like a macaron.)

♥  It doesn’t have to compete with a frosting, or rely on one to make it complete (like a cupcake.)

♥  You can carry them in a ziplock in your handbag from Frankfurt to Bombay and re-discover them, still intact and just as delicious, 2 days later. (Yes, I am referring to myself.)

These cookies are what I expect a perfect chocolate chip cookie to be: a little firm, a little cakey, delightfully chewy and with chocolate chips that are melting as you bite in. (There, I had my Nigella moment. Done. Dusted.)

ingredients for deep dish choc chip cookies

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