June Bookshelf + Food Updates

Well I have been easing back a little since my birthday post. The monsoon has arrived. And I am enjoying it by being incredibly cliched: sitting by the window, drinking chamomile tea and reading.


But the weather calls for it. Since there is no 6 feet of snow followed by a white Christmas with eggnog to speak of in Bombay, we must wring the monsoon for all it’s worth and do as much as we can with the change in weather. That’s all you get in the tropics: hot, hotter and rain. Oh yeah, and lots of bananas year-round.

About those books.

It took me a while to get through Black Milk, since I was reading other stuff between. But it is a very interesting read. Not really a self-help book or life coaching guide- but a lot of insight on womanhood, motherhood and the choices women make, particularly as writers. The nice part is how Elif Shafak weaves in biographical anecdotes about famous women writers- like Jane Austen, Sylvia Plath, and Ayn Rand, to name a few- as well as the women behind some literary greats, like Sophia Tosltoy and Zelda Fitzgerald.

Ratio is a gem of a book recommended by a family friend and foodie- and I am so, so glad I picked it up! It really takes you behind the fundamentals of cooking: how to combine ingredients the right way, scientifically, to get the desired result. I’m still on the baking chapters and I can’t wait to try some the techniques out!

Chef’s Story I chanced upon at my nearest Crossword bookstore and it was priced at such a steal that I HAD to buy it. Quick profiles of some of the greatest and most-loved chefs in the world (read Lidia Bastianich, Anthony Bourdain, Cat Cora, Bobby Flay, Marcus Samuelsson…I could go on!) and what inspires them to do what they do. Really inspiring stories.

And Lean In I have just begun- and though I had misconceptions about the book initially, I have to say I was wrong. It’s quite inspiring, and it will make you look at some aspects of your life and nod in agreement. I have been nodding for a little over 2 chapters now, so there is still more to go.

So that is my June Bookshelf! But I have to give you some kitchen updates as well, because if I didn’t it would just be wrong.  Here is something I made recently, after I saw it on Thanh’s blog. Of course, she makes it look as gorgeous as it tastes! Anjum Anand’s cadamom-scented chicken curry.


I also visited this artisan bakery called The Baker’s Dozen in Worli. Oh, such beautiful bread! I tried their olive focaccia and challah and enjoyed both. They also have the cutest descriptions for each variety of bread, complete with a little  picture of the flag of it’s country of origin.



And while I was in Worli, I did a cliched monsoon thing and clicked a picture of Worli Sea Face on a cloudy monsoon day.


How have you been spending the monsoon? And for my friends who are in places where there is no monsoon, how have you been enjoying the weather?

4 thoughts on “June Bookshelf + Food Updates

    • I think they went a little overboard! When the reviews came out, I also thought she was just some priveleged, Ivy Leagued uber-rich person telling us what to do- but that really is not the case. (It’s not like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop where she waxes eloquent about getting a wood-fire pizza oven.) She backs everything up with real facts, figures and situations we can all relate to.

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